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Choggu Boys, a popular Tamale music group, has canceled their annual Bugum Fest in order to make way for Maccasio’s Throne Concert in Tamale.

The festival’s planned date, according to the duo, will have an impact on the success of Maccasio’s highly publicized show, so it has been canceled.

“Per our calculation of the month, the date is crushing with that of our brother Maccasio and we will never back stab” the group stated in a statement.

Choggu Boys

Bugum Fest is a cultural and musical activity organized by the group with the goal of educating the youth about Dagbon culture while also promoting unity in the region.

Thousands of people from all over the country attended the first edition in 2019.

Choggu Boys Cancel Bugum Fest 2021… Find Out Why


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