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The 2020 Tamale South Parliamentary Candidate of the CPP, Kassim Jalilu says the party’s 2020 Presidential candidate is unfit to contest the 2024 Presidential Elections and should therefore be shown the exit.

According to him, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet will lose miserably in the General Elections if he forces his way through the party’s primaries.

“If he comes back he won’t win… I will repeat it, Greenstreet is unfit to contest in 2024” the 2020 Tamale South CPP Parliamentary Candidate said.

Mr Jalilu who is an ardent critic of Mr Greenstreet told host of Super Morning Show, Mumuni Yirifa Yunus today that Mr Greenstreet cannot continue to lead the CPP.

He accused Mr Greenstreet of incompetently dwindling the party’s Electoral votes to only 12,000 across the country, the worse in the party’s history.

Mr Jalilu said “How many votes did we get in the 2012 elections? Compare it to what we got in 2016 and 2020…Look at what Abu Sakara did for the party in 2012, today look, after the election, CPP surprisingly got 12,000 votes in the whole Ghana, GUM got more than 12,000 votes in only one reason”.

Mr Jalilu claimed most of the party’s executives are fed up with the abysmal performance of their presidential candidate and will most certainly not bring him back in 2024.

“The entire party, from the regional [executives] to the national, they’ve all seen the mess he has caused in the party” he noted.

Mr Greenstreet polled 11,864 in the 2020 Presidential Election, of that number, Mr Greenstreet polled 213 votes in Tamale South, the highest he got in any constituency across the country.

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