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Deputy Northern Regional Communication Officer of the NDC, Iddrisu Hardi Pagazaa says it is his prayer that any Member of Parliament who will oppose the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill currently before parliament for consideration dies before final voting for the passage of the bill into law.

He explained that his prayer is because he has picked up signals that there are some MPs who are prepared to vote against the bill when it is laid before parliament.

“I know there are some MPs who want to vote against the bill because they want to escape the so called sanctions from countries that support gay rights, it is my prayer that, may any MP who will vote against the bill die before it is laid before parliament, so that, a by-law will be organized for a better person to represent the Ghanaian people” Mr Pagazaa said on Radio Justice’s Super Morning Show on Monday.

The NDC Communicator who sounded radical in his opinion on the anti-LGBTQ+ bill and the controversies surrounding it said regardless which side of the political divide an MP is, if an MP will vote against the bill, his prayer is that such an MP does not live to see that day.

He said as Members of Parliament, they are supposed to be representing their constituents and not make decisions that will go against the culture and traditions of their constituents.

“As an MP, your duty is to represent your constituents and it includes representing their views, if you cannot oppose what your constituents oppose, you don’t have a business representing them in parliament” the Deputy NDC Communication Officer noted.

Mr Hardi Pagazaa who was commenting on the ‘Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Values Bill’ 2021 which is expected to be laid in Parliament on Monday for a presentation and first reading, said the Ghanaian culture abhors the practice and it must therefore be outrightly banned.

He urged Ghanaian Chiefs to emulate the Overlord of the Wa Traditional Area for banning any gay related activity in his area.His comment was supported by the 2020 Parliamentary Candidate of the CPP in Tamale South, Kassim Jalilu who supported the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

The ‘Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Values Bill’ 2021, nicknamed the anti-LGBTQ bill, prescribes that people of the same sex who engage in sexual activity could be fined or jailed for between three to five years.

The piece of legislation has invoked mixed reactions from the public, but appears to enjoy cross-party support from within Parliament.

The Bill is a private members’ legislation sponsored by eight Members of Parliament – seven from the NDC and one from the NPP.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline |Tamale



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