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The Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) has rendered an apology to the residents of Tamale, after police brutalized its clients in the Northern Regional capital on Monday.

It said it is engaging stakeholders in the Tamale Metropolis to calm nerves and ensure the brutalities do not occur again.

“We are in extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders not only to calm nerves but also, to ensure that the lessons learnt from this unfortunate incident manifest in all future operations.” It said.

On Tuesday, videos of police attached to personnel from VRA/NEDCO brutalizing residents of Zujung, Darigohi and Nakpanzoo for allegedly using power illegally went viral on social media.

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from Ghanaians, compelling the Ghana Police Service to interdict the police officers involved in the act.

Even though the power distributor failed to announce whether or not, personnel who were caught in the viral videos urging the police on during the brutalities, it assured that the incident will not be repeated again.

NEDCo in a statement signed by the Corporate Communications and Customer Affairs Manager, Maxwell K Kotoka pledged to ensure that “all the necessary and reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure that due process is adhered to and human rights, respected at all times” during its routine operations.

The power distributor appealed to the general public to support it in the quest to stem power theft so as to salvage NEDCo for it to continue supporting development in the operational area.

See the full statement below.

NEDCo’s statement

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline | Tamale



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