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Some roads in parts of the Northern Region are in deplorable state after the torrential rains experienced over the weekend.

The roads include the Saakpuli road in the Savulugu Municipality, the main Saboba-Yendi road in the Saboba District and the Galwe Avenue road along the Tamale Gushegu road in the Gushiegu District.

Community members have decried the poor state of the roads, appealing for urgent steps to be taken to ensure they are fixed.

Saboba- Yendi road

State of Saboba – Yendi road after rains

The Saboba-Yendi road was completely submerged in water after the rains over the weekend.

The perennial floods in the area, according to residents who spoke to Justicefmonline, cause destruction to their daily activities.

In a video posted on Facebook, a resident, Ntadi N. Paul complained about the seeming lack of interest to get the road fixed.

He said the annual flood always causes has a negative impact on education as it prevents pupils and students from going to school.

Mr Paul recalled how some students of Saboba missed some of their Basic Education Certificate Examination because of the floods, calling on authorities to fix the road.


Saakpuli road

Secretary of the Saakpuli community Baako Alhassan tells Justice News’ Alhassan Imoro Dakpema the road is unmotorable, especially during the rainy season, adding that a cloudy or rainy day is a holiday for the only seven children who are privileged to attend school in neighboring communities.

The Secretary said going to farm has become a Herculean task due to the nature of the roads, adding that their crops are usually destroyed because they get submerged in floods.

Baako Alhassan said several complaints have been made to the Savulugu District Assembly to get the roads fixed but this he said has not yielded any results.

He said they are often unable to do business with other surrounding communities, affecting economic activities at this time of the year.

It would be recalled that on the 22/05/2021, Justice news reported on the lack of the basic social amenities in the community which included roads.

Baako Alhassan is calling on the assembly to come to their aid.


Galwei road

At Galwei in the Gushiegu Municipality, residents are appealing to the District Chief Executive and Member of Parliament for the area to fix their roads.

This road they say serve Galwe and seven other adjoining communities. Speaking to justice news, Mohammed Mahama, a Resident of Galwe mentioned Kpaligu, Tinyogu, Kpapala, Savelugu, Gugu among others as communities.

He said the only bridge on the road is gradually giving way, adding that if that happens they will be cut off from the rest of the world reiterating the need for the assembly to fix their only road which aid them trade with other communities, including urban areas.

He said some attempts have been made by the MP of the area but that has not salvaged the situation.

Story: Alhassan Imoro Dakpema | Justice News | Galwe



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