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Tamale is one of the six (Accra, Tamale, Kumasi, Tema, Takuradi and Cape Coat) metropolitan cities in Ghana out of the over 200 MMDAs across the country.

This means it is one of the most important cities in the country and a hub of many businesses both local and international.

It is difficult to understand why and how animals are found on the streets of such a busy city.

It is now a very common and seemingly normal sight to have animals such as sheep, goats and even cattle on some major streets of Tamale.

Motorists on the Tamale-Bolga road, Tamale-Kumbungu road, Tamale-Kumasi road and even the central Business District of the city have all had to deal with the danger posed by these animals.

This time right on the nose of the law enforcement agency, the Ghana Police Service.

A video of cattle taking over the street of the Lamshegu Divisional Police Command

These videos and pictures were taken on two separate days, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th August, 2021.

These cattle have taken over the middle of a major highway the Tamale-Kumasi highway and right in front of the Lamashegu Divisional Police Command.

Speaking to some traders and shop owners along the stretch they tell me the animals sometimes walk into the premises of the Police Station and all they do is to drive them out and back onto the street.

I wonder whether the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly see these. If they do, what have they done about it? If they don’t, are they really in charge of the city as they are supposed to? I won’t asked the number of accidents you have witnessed, caused by these animals. If you haven’t, do you imagine the potential danger they pose to motorists? This is insane.

Do these animals have owners? Do they think animals rearing is about keeping them on streets? What are the chiefs doing about the situation.

Even market women at the Abuabo market lament about activities of animals.

Cattle in front of the Lamshegu Divisional Police Command

I call on the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly and the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly to take interest in suctioning owners of these animals.

The law enforcement agencies must also take interest and the Chiefs should start exercising their powers.

Until something punitive is done, I think Tamale is a lawless village.

By: Mohammed Mutaru Alhassan ‘Prof’ Mutaru |Justicefmonline | Tamale



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