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The Association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana, Crop Life Ghana has warned the public against patronizing counterfeit agrochemical products in Ghanaian market.

According to the association, the influx of counterfeit pesticides on the Ghanaian market is worrying as it poses as a threat to the health of farmers who use them.

CropLife Ghana noted that purchase of counterfeit products is dangerous to the agrochemical industry and agriculture sector in general, as it eliminates the incentive for plant science companies to continue to invest in developing new technologies for the sector.

“The effect of counterfeiting is that it could eliminate the incentive for plant science companies to continue to invest considerable time and money in the development of new technologies that can help assure domestic and global food security and alleviate hunger and poverty” the association said in a statement signed by its Program Manager, Kadiri Rashad.

The statement called for the support of all farmers and other stakeholders in the agriculture value chain in Ghana “to help curb the problem of counterfeiting of Crop Protection Products by reporting such incidence to the relevant government authorities and patronize their Crop Protection Products ONLY CropLife Ghana member companies”.

CropLife is a regional federation representing the plant science industry and a network of national associations across the world.

It is committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds, and plant biotechnology.

CropLife Ghana is the association of agrochemical importers and distributors in Ghana and is affiliated with CropLife Africa Middle East (CLAME).

By: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline |Tamale



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