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The Anbariya Sunni Community has urged its supporters to seek knowledge in the quest to fight for Islam.

It says acquiring knowledge and not resorting to the acquisition of dangerous and offensive weapons is best way to defend Islam as the knowledge acquired will better equip them to propagate the Islamic ideologies.

This comes in reaction to a widely circulated video on social media in which revered Islamic cleric and leader of Masjid-ul Bayaan, Sheikh Ibrahim Basha is heard accusing the leadership of the Anbariya community of continuously launching verbal attacks on him, albeit, unwarranted.

Sheikh Basha is heard in the said video calling on his followers to protect themselves from any possible attack by members of the Anbariya Sunni Community by acquiring ammunition.

Justicefmonline has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the video.

However addressing a news conference in Tamale on Tuesday, Issah Hussain Ya’akub, a member of the Anbariya Sunni Community who spoke for and on behalf of the community denied all the accusations.

Watch the full video of the press conference

He said the leadership of Anbariya has always preached peace and tolerance among Muslims.

“We strongly refute the allegation and ask the general public to disregard the content and treat it with all the contempt it deserves. It must be established that, Sheikh Saeed Abubakar Zakaria has always called for peace and tolerance, and has resisted all temptations to respond to attacks, and has resolved to stick to the path of peace.” he said.

Mr Hussain Ya’akub added that, “The bold admission of Sheikh Bayaan in the video of receiving donated weapons and encouraging his followers to arm themselves in readiness for war against Anbariya is not only unacceptable, but a major threat to the peace of the country and needs an urgent attention from the security agencies.

We are yet to appreciate what would have influenced the seasoned cleric to carry out the unprovoked attacks. We find his actions dangerous with the potential of radicalizing the youth and destabilizing peace and stability currently enjoyed in the country.”

He called on the Northern Regional Security Council and traditional leaders in the area to intervene to ensure a lasting resolution of the matter and urged members of the Anbariya community to remain calm and allow the appropriate authorities to handle the matter.

“We call on our Chiefs, the Regional Security Council (REGSEC), the National Peace Council and all other stakeholders to swiftly take action in this regard and call the Sheikh to order. We also advise members of the Sunni community to remain calm and tolerate extreme provocations, as leadership works closely with the state agencies to address the issue.” he added.

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