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Members of the Dagbon Traditional Council have expressed anger at the 15 Members of Parliament in the Dagbon Kingdom for snubbing the launch of the Dagbon Traditional Council (DTC).

The chiefs say they consider it as gross disrespect, the refusal of the MPs to be present at the launch, despite prior notice and invitations.

Yaa Naa at the launch

The chiefs say this is not the first time the MPs have snubbed the invitations of the DTC, charging the MPs to get serious and show interest in the redevelopment agenda of the DTC.

MPs in the Dagbon Kingdom include all MPs in the Northern Region, except, the MPs for Bimbilla and Wulensi who are from Nanung Traditional Area and the MP for Kpandai who is from the Gonja land Traditional Area.

Only the MP for Gushegu, Hassan Tampuli made it to the program, albeit, towards the end of the program.

Kari Naa, Yoo Naa, Mion lana and Tong lana seated

Naa Yeb Tonglana Yakubu Andani, Paramount Chief of the Tong Traditional Area who spoke on behalf of the chiefs at the launch of the Dagbon Development Fund in Tamale on Saturday said it is surprising that despite being on recess, no MP showed up.

“We know you are on recess and the recess is to allow you to go back to your constituencies to meet your people, so why is it that when we call you to participate in the decision making process of Dagbon, you refuse? ” he queried.

The Northern Regional Minister and the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCES) also snubbed the event.

Only the MMDCEs of Yendi, Mion and the representative of the DCE Tolon were present.

Naa Yeb Tong lana said this was not the first 11 the MPs have snubbed the DTC’s invitations, recalling an earlier snub in 2018 by the MPs, during an extraordinary meeting to discuss whether or not Cheriponi should be carved out of the Northern Region or not.

He urged the MPs and other politicians to take Dagbon issues serious.

The fund is aimed at strengthening the economic and social cohesion in Dagbon by correcting imbalances between Dagbon communities and imbalances between Dagbon and the rest of the country.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline | Tamale



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