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The Wikimedia Foundation has launched Dagbani Wikipedia.

Dagbani Wikipedia officially went live as of July 1, following months of extensive work by a Wikipedia community called the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group, a Wikimedia recognized affiliate language group based in Tamale.

This means that Wikipedia contents are now available in Dagbani.

The Coordinator for the initiative, Sadik Shahadu, told Justicefmonline that their months of work have paid off.

The group went through months of extensive research to gather Dagbani language content for publication.

Mr Sadik said the group also searched the internet for Dagbani language corpora, including dictionaries by Roger Blench and Tony Naden.

These words, according to him, were eventually verified in respect of their validity and spellings with the help of two language experts.

With all non-Dagbani words taken out, the group produced audio recordings of over 4000 words of African Lingua Franca language, then uploaded them to Wikimedia Commons.

Mr Sadik said more work needed to be done even after going live, saying that “just like Wikipedia in other languages, more articles and edits need to be added to make it even better”.

He, therefore, urged Dagombas to make contributions towards making Dagbani Wikipedia better.

The Group also worked on a project to translate 100% of the most commonly used messages on media Wiki as one of the requirements of creating a new language Wikipedia.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus | Justicefmonline I Tamale



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