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The Dagbon Constitutional Review Conference has opened in Tamale with a call on citizens of Dagbon to support the process to review the 90 year old constitution.

Former Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies (UDS), Prof Haruna Yakubu who made the call, entreated the Dagbon Constitutional Review Committee to ensure that the constitution reflects the interest and welfare of all segments of people, communities and and institutions of Dagbon.

He said the success of the Dagbon Constitutional Review process will be a plus to all citizens of Dagbon and not to a particular group of people.

Prof Haruna was speaking at the opening ceremony of the three day conference in Tamale on Tuesday November 9.

Speaking on the functions of a constitution, Prof Haruna said the constitution will among other things define the boundaries of the kingdom, the nature and authority of the ruling class and how their chosen and identify the national identity of the Dagbon people.

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