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A 13-year-old class five female student of Dalung R/C Primary School in the Kumbungu District, has allegedly been defiled by a man believed to be in his mid 40s.

The man, who operates a grinding mill and has only been identified as Mohammed, allegedly defiled his victim while she was at his grinding mill center to grind grains for her aunt last Thursday at about 7pm.

The victim, who is also an orphan, tells Justice FM Online’s Sulemana Zakaria, there were no customers when she arrived at the corn mill.

She alleged that Mohammed grabbed her hands and threatened to kill her if she cried out.

“He took my two hands in his and told me that if I cried, he would murder me; I was scared. He strangled me till I passed out. I was exhausted when I woke up but I could feel pains in my genitals” she narrated.

The girl told her aunt about the incident, but she was warned by some elders in the area to keep it as a secret.

“I couldn’t walk straight, but our neighbors warned my aunt not to send me to the hospital because the man would be arrested” the victim stated.

She was later sent to a drug store in Zangbalin, a village near Kumbungu to receive medical care.

“Because I was feeling really bad from the incident, they sent me to a drug store in Zangbalin where I was given an injection and some drugs”, she added.

“I’ve stopped going to school as a result of the incident, I’m not feeling well, and my classmates keep making fun of me”, the victim told Justice Fm Online.

The incident is yet to be reported to the police and the hospital by the family.

Statistics from the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) suggest that Ghana records higher numbers in defilement cases every year.

Story: Sulemana Zakaria (@princebarak2) | Mumuni Y Yunus (@theyirifa) |Justicefmonline | Kumbungu



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