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An 11 year girl who once dreamed of becoming a nurse is now begging for a sewing machine to chase a new dream after a life-changing accident.

Alhassan Fadila, born in Cheshagu, a farming community in the Tolon District of the Northern Region, dreamed of becoming a nurse when she was seven years old.

Her dream of becoming a nurse was thwarted after she was involved in an accident that severely injured her leg recently.

Fadila and Her Colleagues in Class.

The accident has now left her wondering if her dream to become a nurse is still possible.

Fadila, though still in school, now wants to drop out and opt for her new dream career – to become a seamstress.

She tells Justicefmonline’s Sulemana Zakaria that she has become a laughing stock in school, since her accident which has left her with some of ‘disability’.

“I haven’t been able to walk well since that day, and my interest in school has since faded away” she added.

Fadila explains that some of her peers treat her as if she is a second-class person, which makes her feel bad.

The deformed leg of Fadila

According to her, her condition also makes it difficult for her to attend school because it is a long walk from her community and she has no other means of transport apart from walking.

For these factors, coupled with her humble background, Fadila says she has interest in education and her dream of becoming a professional nurse to serve her community and beyond.

The New Dream of Fadila

Fadila told Justicefmonline that she now wants to become a seamstress so that she can help others in her situation in the future.

“I suggested to my aunt that she take me to a tailor shop because I don’t enjoy the school again” she stated.

The Challenge of Fadila’s New Dream

Owning a tailor and working as an apprentice in a community like Cheshagu is not easy, especially for a poor family like Fadila’s.

“My aunt promised to send me to the tailor shop whenever she has enough money to buy me a tailor” Fadila added.


It has been almost a year since Fadila’s aunt promised to buy her a tailor and send her to the shop, but nothing has happened.

Fadila says, all she needs now and someone to support her in realizing her new dream of becoming a dressmaker.

Fadila’s teachers describe her as hardworking

According to her teachers at Dabogshei A.M.E Zion Primary school in the Tolon District, Fadila was one of the few students in the community who took their education seriously.

Madam Abdulai Nimatu, Fadila’s teacher said Fadila is one of the most liked students in the school by most of the teachers because of her hardwork.

Pupils of Dabogshei

“Every teacher adored her because she was always on time to school and participated in many activities in the school” Madam Nimatu stated.

The 11 year old could change her mind with the right counseling and support, however, until help comes, Fadila could join the thousands of young girls who drop out of school in Northern Ghana through no fault of theirs.

A poem by Gifted Tima on people living with disabilities.

Story: Sulemana Zakaria I Justicefmonline | Tamale




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