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Beefs between musicians are a part of the music industry all over the world. A beef, as I’ve always stated in my articles, can be entertaining, educational, and occasionally violent.

Musical feuds have led to the deaths of notable figures such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B. I. G among other top celebrities.

Fortunately, despite having witnessed near-death experiences in the industry, the Northern Region, which is always primed for music beefs, has yet to record any deaths.

Fancy Gadam and Macassio

It is simply inaccurate to discuss beef without mentioning the Gadam-Maccasio beef- their feud had both positive and negative ramifications in the region’s music industry.

It’s the industry’s longest beef, and anytime people think the two are ready to smoke the peace pipe, something terrible happens to further exacerbate the situation.

Music critics always find punchlines directed at each other when decoding the lyrics of the two artists and their fans are constantly trolling each other on social media.

Several critics and, in some cases, revered figures have urged the two to put down their ‘weapons’ and allow ‘peace’ to reign in the industry.

Because neither of them could let go of their pride and calls for peace, this never saw the light of day.

Several critics have predicted that, the young energetic rapper, Fadlan and soul soothing singer, Wizchild will be the region’s next feuding artists.

Their ever-expanding fan bases have followed in the footsteps of Gadam Nation and 69 Fans by teasing each other on social media.

Some fans do things we thought were only done in politics, such as crossing the carpet to other camps.

Many music industry experts believed that this was detrimental to the collective growth of the creative art. Some argued that the industry had already been affected by previous beefs and that it does not need another one at this time.


Coming together to grow the industry was the only option left for the industry if we wanted to break through barriers. So they was no need to support the beef between the two young talents.

Surprisingly, the two young musicians managed to accomplish what Fancy Gadam and his rival Maccasio had failed to do for years.

Everyone was taken aback when Wizchild began promoting his supposed rival, Fadlan’s Grace concert. He pleaded with his fans to come out and support the show, referring to Fadlan as his brother.

That wasn’t enough for him; on the day of the concert, he surprised everyone by appearing on stage despite not being one of the artists on the bill.

Wizchild and Fadlan at the Grace Concert

This humble and unifying action by the two artists has so far dominated talk shows following the concert.

If other public figures in the region followed suit, this region would be known as Ghana’s most peaceful region in the music industry.

I will appeal to the Mayor of Tamale to appoint the two talents as ambassadors of peace and development.

It is worth celebrating how they abandoned their selfish agendas and pride for the sake of the development of the entire showbiz industry.

Story: Prince Barak | Justicefmonline | Tamale



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