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The Deputy Northern Regional Communication Officer of the NDC has opined that the Acting Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior would have been the first NPP official the NDC government would have prosecuted, if it had won the 2020 General Elections.

According to Mr Iddrisu Hardi Pagazaa, the Tamale Mayor rejected a possible renomination by the President because of “the mess he has caused at the Tamale Metro Assembly”.

“He is running away from the crimes he committed at the assembly. He is lucky the NPP won the Elections, otherwise, Musah Superior would’ve been the first person to be imprisoned by the NDC government” he told Mumuni Yirifa Yunus on the Super Morning Show on Monday.

He claimed the Acting Mayor arrogated to himself, powers of selling government properties in the city, without recourse to due process.

“How many of those who have rented the new Aboabo market stalls paid monies into the Assembly’s account?” Mr Hardi Pagazaa quizzed.

He added that “He took the monies into his personal accounts, we are waiting for the right time to ask him questions… Go and ask them if they have allocation letters, is there any form of agreement between them and the assembly?” he further alleged.

The outspoken NDC Communicator further claimed that Mr Musah Superior who served since 2017 also allegedly sold a government land for private developers without any documentation.

“From Zogbeli to the traffic lights, there’s a building there, he sold it to Alhaji Hamdallah but after he could not provide documentation to Alhaji Hamdallah after taking money from him, he resold the property to Gamorma about 1.5 Billion, there’s no documentation between Ganorma and Assembly for him to operate a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT), there’s nothing like that. When Alhaji Hamdallah was paying for the property, he didn’t pay into the assembly’s accounts” he alleged.

He said the Mayor of Tamale could not sell government’s properties as he has no such powers.

“Musah Superior cannot sell any land of the state, not even the assembly, only the Lands Commission can” noted.

Responding to the claims by the NDC Communication Officer, a Member of the NPP Communication Team, Fuseini Abdul-Gafaru Ridwan rubbished the allegations, claiming could not take such decisions, when the Assembly had a Coordinating Director, Presiding Member and an Accountant.

“Musah Superior couldn’t have taken unilateral decisions because the assembly has a coordinating director, an accountant and a Presiding Member” he said.

Mr Gafaru accused Mr Hardi Pagazaa of doing mischief with the issue, saying that it will be an indictment on the assembly if the allegations turn out to be true.

Neither the Acting Mayor nor the assembly was immediately available for a response to the claims.

Story: Justice News | Tamale



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