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Justicefmonline.com can confirm that two children have been burnt to death by bush fire in Nasia in the North East Region of Ghana.

The children, both boys, are said to be between the ages of six and fifteen.

Abdul Latif, a resident of Nasia, confirmed the incident, saying the two boys died while helping their father on his rice farm.

He disclosed to Dailyguideonline that there was a fire near the rice farm where the children and their father went, and that the father, sensing danger, asked the children to take shelter under a tree.“

The man was trying to control the fire which was burning into his rice farm and when he turned he could not find the children.

He search for them but did not find them” Abdul Latif said.

The father returned home to inform his family of his children’s disappearance, and when a search team entered the bush, they discovered their dead bodies.

The family has since notified the Walewale police command on the tragic incident.

Story: Prince Barak | Justicefmonline | Nasia | Additional information from Dailyguideonline


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