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The Northern Regional Minister has warned owners of shops at the Kalpohin last stop in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region to vacate the area before a scheduled demolishing exercise begins.

Alhaji Alhassan Shani Shaibu’s warning comes after a one month deadline issued to owners of the shops elapsed on Monday.

On the 29 of May the Northern Regional Minister gave a one-month moratorium to these traders to move as part of an exercise to ensure the city is clean.

These structures dotted around the last stop have posed as a nuisance to the Kalpohini clinic and cluster of schools within the area.

The people have turned these public institutions into dumping grounds for their waste and open defecation.

The open defecation which is sometimes done even in the day poses as a health threat to the workers and patients who visit of the facility and school.

To stop the trend the minister ordered the traders to vacate the land giving a deadline of today.

Even though the deadline was Monday, Justice News checks revealed the traders are yet to leave.

Speaking at the clean Northern Region Sanitation n Day exercise, the minister said the task force will soon move in to get these shops removed.

Story: Martina Bugri I Justice News | Tamale



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