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The Northern Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Iddrisu Abu has revealed that the region is fast losing its vegetative cover due to human attitudes, worsening the effects of climate change in the area.

According to him, the felling down of trees for commercial purposes, coupled with the activities of illegal miners in forest areas and the pollution of the water bodies among others are human activities that are fast contributing to the severity of the effects of global warming in the country and particularly in the Northern Region.

“You and I have seen our dramatic our weather has changed, it’s because of the climate change which is because of our own doings” he told Radio Justice’s Super Morning Show host, Mumuni Yirifa Yunus recently.

He explained that “The tree cutting, the pollution of our water bodies by illegal miners and the over-grazing of cattle led by Fulani herdsmen are the reasons we are fast becoming a desert area”.

The Northern Region of Ghana has in the past few years experienced a dramatic change in weather with an unpredictable and erratic rainy season and an extension of the extremely hot dry season.

Experts have warned that the desertification is fact approaching the region which is part of the Sudanian Savanah due to the fact excessive cutting down of trees.

Mr Abu said “if nothing is done about the situation, we will soon become a desert”.

He said the EPA was working with the Northern Regional Coordinating Council to enact by-laws to protect the environment.

“We are working with the RCC to enact laws that will be implemented by the district assemblies to protect our environment” he noted.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline | Tamale



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