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George M. Britton, an Event Organizer and Popular Blogger, is poised to participate in the trending social media challenge, #SmockChallenge.

Mr. Britton revealed in an exclusive interview with Justice Fm Online’s Prince Barak that he is excited about the smock challenge and will participate in the challenge.

“It’s a beautiful challenge” he said, adding that “I’m excited it’s not bad but a beautiful challenge”.

He said the challenge will drive attention to the Northern region and everybody in the creative sector will benefit from it.

Mr. Britton stated that the media and influential Northerners should take part in the challenge to make it more intriguing.

The challenge is to promote the wearing of the beautiful traditional wear of the Dagomba people, the smock, locally known as “Bingmaa” among social media users.

Story: Sulemana Zakaria (@princebarak2) | Justice Fm Online | Tamale



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