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The Northern Region is mourning the sudden death of Veteran Dagbani Music Artist, Queen Nura, also known in private as Abdulai Nura.

Social media is swamped with condolences from music fans after justicefmonline.com broke the news of her death on Wednesday October 20.

The legendary singer was a hi-life musician whose music touched on everyday issues.

For Queen Nura “music was a tool to preach good morals” a fan remarked on Facebook.

According to close sources, Queen Nura died in her forties.

She was laid to rest Wednesday afternoon.

These are some of her most memorable songs.

1. Sal’bibohi Wuni

Sal’bibohi Wuni is Queen Nura’s most popular song. In this song, she asks, “Who can predict what will happen tomorrow if he/she does not consult God?”

2. Mma

My mother is referred to as Mma in Dagbani. Queen Nuru inspires mothers to believe in their children.

“Keep praying for your children; everything will be well one day,” she sang.

3. Bin ti’che

Binti’che translates to “they will stop” in English.

In this song, Queen Nura advises people not to worry about what others discuss about them behind their backs “they will stop when they are exhausted,” she said.

4. Wumpini

Wumpini is also a hit song by Queen Nura. She talked about the miracles of God.

Wumpini is translated in English as God gift.

5. N’nyintaa

In this song, the Queen addresses her rival in marriage, who is envious of her.

It’s one of her most love songs by women.

Story: Prince Barak | Justicefmonline | Tamale



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