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A group of angry youth in Tamale has apprehended a young man identified only as Lukman, a member of a group calling itself Common Sense Family for making negative remarks towards some Islamic clerks in the metropolis.

Lukman was shown in a viral video on social media inviting some Imams based in Tamale to a spiritual challenge.

Some Muslim youth found the comments offensive and embarked on a search mission to accost it. He was then sent around to various Imams in Tamale for questioning.

When he was sent to Masjid-ul Bayan for same questioning, some angry youth attempted to lynch him.

Eyewitnesses narrated to Justicefmonline’s Prince Barak that this caused disagreement between the leadership of the mosque and the angry youth because leadership of the most were against any act that would put the life of the young man in danger.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mujeeb, an Imam at Masjid-ul Bayan corroborated the narration of the eyewitnesses, adding that “The mob overpowered us, so we called the police to come rescue him”.

He said despite several appeals by the Leader of the Mosque, Sheikh Ibrahim Basha to the youth to allow the police to whisk Lukman away, the youth insisted on lynching him.

“the police called for re-enforcement and had to fire some warning shots before they could take him away” he told Prince Barak.

Leader of Masjid-ul Bayan, Sheik Ibrahim Basha told the crowd that he had not tasked anyone with carrying out the arrest.

“I’d want to state unequivocally that I am not the chief of Tamale and have never tasked anyone with arresting someone on my behalf” he stated.

Story: Prince Barak | Justicefmonline | Tamale



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