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Musician, Mac Nuru has condemned the defacing and burning of an LGBTQI+ billboard in the Northern Regional capital Tamale, describing the perpetrators as lawless and violent.

The Rapper in a Twitter reply said ” “Hate, Lawlessness, Violence” ka bi bora [Dagbanli for… That’s what they like]. Ater’gu!!”.

The ‘Malizani’ hitmaker is the first notable person to condemn the action which many hailed and described as the best.

The tweet

On Tuesday, some residents of Tamale pulled down a billboard which sought to appeal to the conscience of the public to love, tolerate and accept LGBTQI+ people in society.

Residents saw the huge billboard mounted at a popular junction known as ‘Banjira Junction’ at Agric, a suburb of Tamale.

The billboard had the inscription, “Love, Tolerance and Acceptance are proper Ghanaian family values. #WeAreAllGhana” and had two hands, in opposite directions, shaking each other.

This angered many residents who threatened to pull it down.

At about 5pm on Tuesday, some residents massed up, pulled down the billboard and burnt it.

Assemblyman for the Mohayibihi Electoral Area, Mohammed Murtala told Justicefmonline that he organized residents to pull it down.

He said he called the assembly to find out who gave the permit for the billboard to be mounted in the area, only to be told it was released to a private individual to manage.

One of the angry residents who wants to remain anonymous told Justicefmonline that they pulled down the billboard to send a signal to promoters of the rights of the LGBTQI+ to stay away from Tamale.

“We want them to know that we will not entertain this nonsense, they are even lucky that we didn’t see the people who mounted the billboard” he said.

“We will not only pull this down but next time we find anybody mounting any such billboard or openly campaigning for this nonsense, we will deal with them” he threatened.

Story: Justicefmonline



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