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The Smock Challenge, which started as a novel campaign by some social media users to mark the commencement of the celebration of Damba Festival is now gaining national attention.

In the last one week, over 2 million Facebook updates have been made under the hashtag #TheSmockChallenge justicefmonline.com new media team can comfirmed.

Farouk Ali Mahama MP

#SmockChallenge, another hashtag related with the smock fashion trend, has also gotten over 1.8k updates.

Other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, have also join the trend.

The #SmockChallenge was started by Dagombas on social media, ahead of the 2week long annual Damba festival currently underway.

Kumbungu District Chief Executive

The challenge is to promote the wearing of the beautiful traditional wear of the Dagomba people, the smock, locally known as “Bingmaa” among social media users.

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Story: Prince Barak | JusticeFmOnline | Tamale



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