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The Northern Regional Public Relations Officer of the VRA, Alhassan Abaaba says he cannot assure the people of Nakpali in the Zabzugu Municipality of the Northern Region when power will be restored in the area.

According to him, the company is not sure about the safety and security of its staff in the Nakpali Township, noting that the community will only be reconnected onto the national grid if there is an assurance from the people that no harm will fall on any of its officers working in the area.

His comments come, following appeals by the Paramount Chief of the Kworli Traditional Area, Kwori Naa Mahama Mahama to the VRA to reconnect the area on to the national grid.

The revered chief made the appeal, after the VRA disconnected the Nakpali Township and its surrounding areas from the national grid three weeks ago for attacks on its staff and some members of the community over non-payment of electricity bills.

Mr Abaaba in an interview with Tamale based Sagani TV alleged that the people of Nakpali threatened to beat the Area Manager when he visited the community, a day after the incident.

Kworli Naa Mahama denies his people attacked VRA staff and appeal to the power company to restore power

The Paramount Chief of the Kworli Traditional Area has rejected claims that members of Nakpali community attacked and beat up staff of the Volta River Authority for disconnecting some houses for non-payment of bills.

The revered Paramount Chief who described such claims as unsubstantiated instead said it was a misunderstanding between between a staff of the VRA and a household. “This particular problem was a misunderstanding between a household and VRA staff (payment of bills). So one of staff held the meter and pulled it out of where they fixed it”, Kworli-Naa Mahama told Tamale based Sagani TV in an interview monitored by Justicefmonline.com.

Kwori-Naa Mahama explained that “The owner of the house thought they were going to miss light and other benefits attached to it. Whiles they were struggling over the meter, the owner of the house said he owned the wires so if they are taking their meter he would also take his wires. So it was a question of ownership that were having. And now the manner VRA is dealing with the issue looks like we are not Ghanaians. As if we are tenants in our father’s house.”

This he said was not enough a reason, to disconnect the Nakpali township and its environs from the national grid for close to three weeks now.

Kwori-Naa Mahama said despite initiating several moves to resolve the issue, his communities are yet to be reconnected.

The Paramount Chief said he thought he had used his traditional powers to resolve the matter amicably.

He said aside ensuring that none of the community members hurt the staff of the VRA who were assigned to his community, he together with the police and Municipal Chief Executive of Zabzugu resolved the matter at his palace.

He said after the police requested for the persons who had the scuffle with the VRA staff, he personally took them to the police station as requested, where they were cautioned and granted bail.

The Kwori- Naa said despite all that, his community has been in darkness nearly one month on. He appealed to VRA to reconnect the area onto the national grid as the absence of electricity is having a negative impact on their daily lives.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline | Tamale



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