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The Minister of Defence, Dominic Nitiwul has assured the King of Dagbon, Ya-Naa Abukari II that the country’s security forces will deal with any individual or persons who attempt to cause any trouble in Dagbon in particular and the Northern Region at large.

The minister also assured the king of the security and peace of the Dagbon State.

His assurance comes following recent tensions between Konkombas and Dagombas that have sparked fears of a possible tribal conflict between the two tribes.

Over the past weeks, there has been widespread tensions among citizens of Dagbon after audio recording went viral on social media on how the Konkomba community was allegedly planning to attack the Dagbon Kingdom.

The said recordings, from persons believed to be either Konkombas or Dagombas usually claim that the Konkombas are planning to launch an attack on the capital of the Dagbon State, Yendi to take over the town and breakaway from Dagbon.

However, the Defense Minister who is also the Member of Parliament for Bimbilla and a Konkomba himself, dispelled such rumors, noting that the security forces countenance any such move.

He was speaking at the Gbewaa Palace, where a high powered security meeting on the matter just ended, Tuesday evening.

Also at the meeting we’re the Yaa Naa’s security chiefs including the Kumbung-Naa, Diyeli lana and Tolon Naa.

The Gushe-Naa, Nanton Naa, Kari-Naa among other revered chiefs, Dagbon MPs, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, the Police, Members of the Konkomba Youth Association (KOYA) and Dagbon Forum (DF) were also present at the meeting.

Mr Nitiwul assured of an increased level of security presence in the Northern Region.

He tasked the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Security Councils to start sensitization meetings with residents across the region on the need for peaceful coexistence.

Mr Nitiwul added that the security forces will deal with persons who cause fear and panic through the production and circulation of audio recordings on social media.

Yaa Naa Abukari II urged residents of Dagbon to live in unity to ensure the development of the area.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline| Yendi



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